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I can be a hermit sometimes. You know, keep to myself, hibernate in my apartment, nose in novels that are so heavy my arm aches from holding them? I can “retreat”. But once in a while I like to get out, spend time with with good people that are good for the soul, and just socialise I guess. In my family I am known as the introvert, which most people who know me find hard to believe because I talk so much whenever I am around them! And I have been known to strike conversations with complete strangers as though we are long lost friends… It is like Walt Whitman said ” Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself; I am large – I contain multitudes”

Baby please come home

It’s here, it’s here! any minute now you’ll hear the sound of the sleigh bells… It’s here, and I am beyond excited. Christmas, that is.

I can’t wait for my friends to join me again for an evening of dining, laughter and conversation. The meal plan is well underway, a tad ambitious though it may be. But I dare say, God willing, it will go splendidly.

Here is a look at last year’s festivities to wet your appetite (mine really, but any excuse…)

Christmas 2013


You know, I simply had to

I haven’t had the easiest of times lately. But it’s ok. I am ok. And I am learning to live with it all; take life’s breathtaking moments along with the punches that leave you struggling for air. It’s all good.

Imagine my joy this weekend when I realised that I wanted to bake some cinnamon buns…And the even greater joy when my friend popped over at the spur of the moment, and her visit turned into a baking session!!!!

You see, I simply had to. I had to make these cinnamon buns! A fantastic way to herald the new week, I think.

Love, peace, liberty


It must be the weather. There is something about the, well, brutal Cape winter that has me thinking of soup. I have been based here for a good decade since university. But jeez I can never get used to this cold. I suppose it does not help that I don’t own a heater or have a fireplace? A fireplace! I better reign in that thought – I don’t suppose my banker will extend some credit for me to build one? No, definitely not!

For once in my life…

I have Frank Sinatra on my playlist today, and going into the week. The song “For once in my life” kind of struck a chord with me this time around.

But this post is not about music, it’s actually about pies. Pumpkin pie and apple pie to be precise. My dreams are littered with these lately, and I have been thinking I need to have a winter dinner party soon. One that ends with a generous serving of spicy pumpkin pie…heaven!

Now, on a Frank Sinatra, that genre of music may not be your cup of tea, but try the song “Always”… Lie back, eyes closed, world shut out, heart open, and give Sinatra a chance…

Love, peace, liberty